普特尼核心概述了这些技能, 知识, 而且 underst而且ing essential to a Putney education 而且 necessary for graduation. It is a proficiency-based system which requires students to show progress 而且 proof of their learning through a digital portfolio. A Putney diploma represents four years of planned secondary school study. In addition to successful completion of the baseline requirements outlined by the Putney Core, 学生将定义和追求个人兴趣的其他领域.


I. Throughlines

七个主要的思维技巧和习惯, defined in clear rubrics that guide development through a student’s time at Putney

II. Subject-Centered目标

Specific learning objectives define the detail of content 而且 skills that a student will need in each discipline

3. 必要的经历

Invaluable 而且 immeasurable opportunities to develop qualities which people should progress toward throughout life



七条贯穿线是最重要的思维技能和习惯, 通过课程作业支持我们的整个课程, 项目, 活动, 工作, 组织的经验, 以及独立研究.

Each Throughline is assessed using a rubric that describes each goal in detail 而且 delineates the following levels: 新手, 新兴, 精通, 及以后. 为了毕业, 学生必须展示, 通过支持证据和反思他们的投资组合, 他们在所有七个领域都达到了精通水平.

道德、文化 & 社会正义视角

每个学科提出的问题. Underst而且s that all fields may be viewed through differing cultural lenses, 并欣赏其他观点的价值. 理解社会正义的复杂性.

调查 & 研究

Turns curiosity into clear, 使用ful questions 而且 pursues a line of inquiry. 在不同领域进行学术研究.


结构参数, 评估自己和他人的论点, 提出突出问题, 并在不同学科的背景下评估相互竞争的主张.

设计 & 构建

阐明实际问题, 想象可能的解决方案, 发展计划, 获得执行计划所需的技能, 并创建满足已识别需求的对象.


Works with others in building an intellectual, creative, 而且 active community. Engages in productive dialogue, shows respect to a group, 而且 supports common goals.

读写能力 & 沟通

读取, 解释, 分析, 并从包括书面资料在内的多种来源中产生意义, 视觉, 和听觉. Effectively conveys meaning in a variety of modes including written, 视觉, 而且 spoken.

自我认知 & 自律

重视, 管理时间, 了解个人的学习方式, strengths 而且 weaknesses; perseveres in the face of adversity 而且 uncertainty.



Each department specifies learning objectives 而且 assesses a student’s progress toward them with rubrics that detail 知识 而且 skills. 类别的 新手, 新兴, 精通 而且 除了 help students 而且 teachers 使用 student work as evidence of their learning.


  • Analyzes 而且 comprehends art across disciplines using historical 而且 cultural contexts
  • Self-evaluates, discusses, 而且 critiques art using appropriate vocabulary
  • 至少在一个艺术领域有能力
  • 用2D、3D、性能或混合媒体展示概念


  • 通过文学探索个人身份和不同的观点
  • 讨论文学与密切关注文本
  • 阅读和解释文学作品
  • 创作富有想象力和说明性的作品

历史 & 社会科学

  • Uses history as a tool for underst而且ing across disciplines, cultures, space, 而且 time
  • Locates 而且 使用s academic resources to interpret, analyze, 而且 construct historical arguments


  • 使用数学改变模型
  • Uses technology 而且 coding to facilitate mathematical work 而且 exploration
  • Uses geometric reasoning to model 而且 analyze spatial relations 而且 patterns
  • Uses probability 而且 statistics to under- st而且 而且 manage variability in data
  • 展示财务知识


  • Listens, reads, speaks, 而且 writes at an intermediate skill level in one non-native language


  • Possesses a working 知识 of major biological, chemical, 而且 physical principles
  • 设计s 而且 implements lab-based inquiries to investigate novel questions
  • Describes, 分析, 而且 reports on a body of evidence generated by scientific investigations



我们希望所有普特尼大学的毕业生都具备这些品质, 它们本身就是有价值的, 而且 in fact are qualities towards which people should make progress throughout their lives. 这些品质包括文化流利性, 自力更生, 对体力劳动的欣赏, 对美术的欣赏, 以及“努力伸展自己”的能力.” 必要的经历 present invaluable 而且 immeasurable opportunities to develop these qualities. 我们要求普特尼的学生完成所有这些才能毕业.

  1. 体验不同文化的生活

    Live for a minimum of one month in a culture significantly different from one’s own, either with a local family or in a boarding environment with local students. A culture is understood as “significantly different” if it requires one to 使用 a language other than one’s native language or differs from one’s own cultural background in two of the following three aspects: ethnicity, 经济背景, 或者城乡经济.

    The experience of living in a culture significantly different than one’s own 帮助 to develop cultural fluency 而且 to foster one’s abilities “to combat prejudices ca使用d by differences in economic, 政治, 种族, 而且 religious backgrounds; to strive for a world outlook, 设身处地为别人着想, 不管有多远或多遥远.”

  2. 保持合理的身体活动

    Participate in an activity at least twice a week that develops aerobic fitness, 身体的耐力, 或者在立博体育投注锻炼身体.
    The experience of maintaining a reasonable level of physical activity 帮助 students to maintain their physical well-being 而且 affords them opportunities to “play as wholeheartedly as [they] work”.

  3. 做必要的工作来维持学校社区


    The experience of engaging in productive labor develops students’ belief in manual 劳动, 而且 allows students opportunities to be proud of working to support the community within which they are living 而且 to learn important skills such as collaboration, 毅力, 和领导能力.

  4. 在户外露营至少5天

    Participate in Long Fall trips every year while attending 普特尼学派. Experience sleeping at least 3 consecutive nights disconnected from media 而且 phone 而且 where one must carry in one’s own supplies.

    The experience of camping in a remote location builds a connection with the natural world, 发展自力更生, 还能培养团队中相互依存的工作能力.

  5. Participate in Efforts Aimed at Making the School Community More Environmentally Sustainable

    在委员会任职或担任领导职务, 或者完成一个项目周, 专注于可持续发展的独立研究或展览. Incorporate daily habits that support an environmentally sustainable community into one’s life while at Putney.

    The experience of working towards making both the local 而且 global communities more environmentally sustainable builds awareness of daily practices that help preserve the world we live in.

  6. 创造和体验各种各样的艺术


    经常和定期的经验, 以及暴露在, 艺术形式广泛, 既是创作者,也是观众, 帮助 培养终身运用艺术的能力. 那些有
    有很强的艺术背景 使用 this as a means of finding aesthetic pleasure 而且 comfort as well as to underst而且 而且 express problems, 个人和社会.